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ALL PROTECTION TINTING Challenges Climate Change with Solar Control Film

It’s had its own concert, celebrities and politicians from all over the world have views on it and now it’s your chance to make a difference.

Climate change is a hot topic around the world, due to the significant risk threatening the longevity of our planet.

The Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology has emphasised the need for change by drawing attention to an expected increase in temperature for the majority of Australia in the recent publication ‘National Seasonal Temperature Outlook: probabilities for August to October 2007, issued 24/07/07’.

It is expected that between August and October, Sydney and other parts of NSW are at a 75%-80% chance of exceeding the median temperature for the season.

This anticipated rise in temperature may result in an earlier demand for air conditioning, increasing energy consumption and greenhouse pollution.

Window film reflective in the eveningTake action towards protection by installing Solar Control Window Films.

Already recognised by BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) and WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme)

“The application of film can positively contribute to a building’s energy rating” (, 14/08/07).

Installation of Solar Control Film reduces heat transference from outside in.  Limiting the volume of solar energy entering the building/room reduces the need for artificial coolers such as air conditioners and fans to maintain a comfortable, workable temperature.

29th August 2007

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