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Important Information Regarding Coated Glass

(This includes coatings applied for appearance or thermal performance. One example is low-e glass such as ComfortPlus Low-E glass)

We do not recommend applying film to coated glass. However, if you require film to be applied to coated glass, you need to be aware of the following risks:

  1. As the glass cannot be scraped without risk of damaging the coating, cleaning cannot be as thorough as with other glass types and small amounts of foreign material may remain under the film.

  2. When the film is installed it must be trimmed and this trimming may result in very small score lines from the trimming knife.

  3. If during installation a piece of film has to be removed and replaced this may displace some of the coating which will leave visible marks.

  4. The installation of film will negate the heat retention properties of low-e coatings when applied to the glass.

  5. If the film has to be removed, there is significant risk of permanent damage to the coating.

ALL PROTECTION TINTING will install film with due care but can accept no liability for damage to coated glass resulting from the cleaning, application or removal of film.

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