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ALL PROTECTION TINTING: Safety Strip Information

The Australian and New Zealand Standard 1288-2006 is now available, the following information is based on this publication.

Any glass which could be mistaken for a doorway or opening, which is not marked by colonial bars, mullions, or other distinguishing features, i.e. signage or patterned / opaque window treatments, is required to be marked in a way which provides visibility.

The marking required to comply with the standards, should be an opaque band of greater than or equal to 20mm which must be positioned no less than 700mm FFL or greater that 1200mm FFL.

Safety Strips are an additional safety requirement and not a replacement for safety glass.

The safety strip band must be clearly noticeable, either by being in contrast with the background or by adjusting the size and/or position of the band.

The band may be a continuous line or a broken line using the company’s logo or other design, i.e. circles, provided the other specifications are met.

We are able to work with a number of designs and colours, from subtly sophisticated to dramatically eye catching, to ensure the perfect result for you and your company.

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