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AS1288 & AS/NZS 2208:
Does your glass comply?

Let us explain…

The principal function of the Australian Standard 1288, primarily a construction standard, is to enable the general public to be provided with safe glass products and to ensure constructions and renovations are of a high standard.

Previously, the dangers of glass windows and doors have been underestimated, but now considerations have been made to protect individuals in the home and workplace. Window manufactures must produce windows and doors which comply with legislation and the wind design load measurement appropriate for each individual building.

The standard has 3 principal sections,
(i) reduction in the risk of injury resulting from human impact with glass,
(ii) safety of glass with various wind loadings and
(iii) installation of glass.

The Australian and New Zealand Standard 2088 specifies how various types of glass are to be tested and the categories for which they can be approved, e.g. ‘GRADE A: Safety Glass, GRADE B: Safety Glass, etc. This standard applies to all safety glazing materials for use as required by, the aforementioned, AS 1288. The standard classifies glass into various grades of safety glass and standard glass.

There are several areas in which the glass must comply to be issued with the AS/NZS 2208, i.e. thickness, impact test, fragment test and weather test. It is understood that under extreme circumstances the glass will undoubtedly break, but it is at this point the standard is at its most significant, as the characteristics of the break, i.e. size and sharpness of shards, are viewed as the principle issue.

Why is this relevant to you?

The standards detailed above have been in existence for some time, yet up-until now have not been enforced. Recently the NSW Department of Community Services, DOCS, has passed a new Children’s Service Regulation, in effect from 30th September 2004. In brief, the regulation requires that from the given date, 30/09/04, all new facilities must now meet requirements set out in the AS 1288 and AS/NZS 2208, and that all existing facilities must comply before 1st January 2006.

It is expected that in a short time many more buildings will also be expected to comply with the stated standards. Be ahead of the rest, familiarise yourself with the product which is the solution… Safety and Security Film.

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We can provide film samples, an informative CD-ROM and any additional information you required regarding this matter. We can also arrange for one of our consultants to visit you to provide a free quote and on-site demonstration.

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