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Take a trip on a train and you are sure to be bombarded by scrawls, graffiti, art, vandalism and now ‘tags’.  For years vandals have been leaving their mark along railway routes, in alleyways and along the side of buildings.

Vandals are now targeting and tagging more vulnerable sites, especially public transport. 

Such damage and expense has resulted in the announcement by the NSW Premier Morris Lemma that leading figures from multiple agencies will work together to form ‘The Anti-Graffiti Action Team’.

The New York Times recently reported that despite years of effort and cost they too have had to employ new measures to curb the latest flood of vandalism.  The result, all new subway carriages have had their windows treated with Mylar.

ALL PROTECTION TINTING is an authorised installer of this type of film in Australia.

Graffitigard is a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant clear polymer film, developed specifically to provide protection for a wide range of surfaces including glass and metal. 

Supplied and installed by ALL PROTECTION TINTING, this cost-effective solution is already used in a number of high-risk locations including shopping centres, airports and building foyers, trains and buses. 

If vandalised this film can be quickly and easily removed and replaced, therefore reducing disruptions to public services. 

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